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Prison Culture Goes Public

From saggy pants to tattoos, the prison culture’s impact on American lifestyle is apparent. Somehow, some way, going to jail, or coming home from jail, has become “cool”.

There’s no doubt that the popularization of prison culture is by design the same way the the fall of the American economy was. I am not sure if there is anyway that we can reverse the faltering of our society, but I sure hope there is.prison-culture

There are a few things we can do like prayer, and doing a better job to raise our kids, but when you turn on the TV and these prison inmates turned celebrity are flashed about as if they are desirable, it makes the prospect of a better future bleak.

It seems that prison culture has taken over the reigns of destroying the youth the same way that devil worshiping rock bands did in years past.


We all need to work together to ensure that young people aren’t trained to be new criminals, and to ensure that great values are instilled in our children.

Marijuana, Thankfully Illegal in Texas

Although the dangerous drug known as marijuana is becoming legal in some areas, in the State of Texas possession of any amount of marijuana is still a jailable offense no matter the amount of the narcotic in your possession during an encounter with law enforcement.

People smoke marijuana for a number of reasons. Some of the reasons people use marijuana are listed below.

  • To get high, or intoxicated off the drug.
  • To fit in or to adhere to peer pressure.
  • To satisfy a dependency on THC.
  • To rebel, and act like a child.

Being charged with possession of marijuana is a criminal offense, however, if you are busted with small amounts of weed then you may avoid a lengthy jail sentence and will likely be home in a day or two depending on the details of the crime, and other crimes that may have been committed at the time.

Although a minor marijuana drug offense may not seem like much, its always a smart idea to work with a lawyer to find out what your options are in the event that you decide to fight to charge to keep it off your background.

The Best Way To Handle Legal Grief

The possibility of going jail is real if you are ever arrested for a crime in the Houston area. The people of the state of Texas have spoken loud and clear over the decades about how they feel about the criminal element, and the Texas legislature has lent a listening ear. This attentiveness by Texas lawmakers has led to the Great State of Texas being one of most strict when it comes to punishing the guilty.

If you’re ever arrested in the Harris County area, you’ll need to hire one of the best criminal case litigation experts in Houston if you want to have a fighting chance of beating your case if you decide to take your fight against the charges to a full blown jury trial.


If you are guilty of your crime you can benefit greatly by having a lawyer on your side because he may have some tricks up his sleeve that could keep you out of jail even if you are convicted of the charges against you.

I hope this helps!