A friend once asked me for legal advice, I explained to him that I wasn’t an attorney and that he should talk with a friend of mine who was a licensed attorney currently practicing law in the state of Texas. However, I did advise him of various other outlets where he could get his questions answered, like AVVO, Law Guru, and Martindale, amongst other resources.

Then It Hit Me

Most of those other legal resource websites do nothing more than regurgitate already written law, rewritten opinions, and feature question and answer mechanisms that act as nothing more than an advance comment system. It hit me that since law is in the public domain, we too could copy and paste whole swaths of the law and have a seemingly official looking website dedicated to law. Although we don’t engage in what we view as shady practice, we do tend blog about our opinion as it relates to law, and criminal cases and crime news that ends up catching our attention in one way or another.

What You Can Expect

At 281Attorney.com you can expect to see our finest writings as it relates to the criminal government, the loss of our rights as Americans, videos and documentaries, commentary about how we feel the death penalty is moral and just, as well as a number of references to other top attorneys who are the best in their legal field.

Where We Get Our Information

If we aren’t searching the web for information to support the data we publish, we have likely talked with a top Houston lawyer who knows their craft inside and out. We also get out information for the Constitution of the United States, The Texas Penal Code, and the Bill of Rights.

Our Location

We are based in beautiful downtown Houston on Main St. and Rusk in the Houston Bar Center on the 5th Floor in suite # 529.