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The Best Way To Handle Legal Grief

The possibility of going jail is real if you are ever arrested for a crime in the Houston area. The people of the state of Texas have spoken loud and clear over the decades about how they feel about the criminal element, and the Texas legislature has lent a listening ear. This attentiveness by Texas lawmakers has led to the Great State of Texas being one of most strict when it comes to punishing the guilty.

If you’re ever arrested in the Harris County area, you’ll need to hire one of the best criminal case litigation experts in Houston if you want to have a fighting chance of beating your case if you decide to take your fight against the charges to a full blown jury trial.


If you are guilty of your crime you can benefit greatly by having a lawyer on your side because he may have some tricks up his sleeve that could keep you out of jail even if you are convicted of the charges against you.

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Why Its Best To Hire A Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

Having a Houston criminal defense attorney on your side can help you through your experience with the Texas judicial system in the event that you or a loved one are criminally accused of a felony offense in Harris County, TX.

Being charged with a felony offense is a serious matter best left to a well educated expert criminal justice lawyer who knows his/her way around the courtroom, and has been in the game long enough to have developed a few tricks to stash under their sleeves. Texas Criminal Court

Even if you intend to admit your guiltĀ  (in the event that you are in fact guilty and intend to plead as such) having a smart lawyer on your side can mean the difference between getting a sentence of probation, 5 years, or 99 years for the same crime.

I can understand how that may seem like a stretch, but I want you to take a look at the following 3 scenarios which could easily play out in reality as it normally does.

Scenario #1

A person is charged with trafficking or possessing over 3 kilos of cocaine. They either represent themselves in court, or hire a public defender (court appointed lawyer) and are found guilty of the crime in the court of law. The jury deliberates punishment phase of the trial. The jury returns from the punishment phase of the trial in less than 1 hour and the defendant is sentenced to 99 years in prison for an enhanced first degree felony cocaine possession conviction which is the maximum sentence in the State of Texas for the offense.

Scenario #2

A person is arrested and charged with trafficking 5 kilos of cocaine with the intent to distribute the drug. The offender hires a Houston criminal defense attorney and makes a deal with the prosecution to agree to a lesser charge in exchange to a plea of guilty. Without going to trial, the offender ends up with a state jail felony, is sentenced to a 2 year prison term in state jail, and is out in less than 1 year on parole.

Scenario #3

A defendant is accused of distributing 10 kilos of cocaine on Houston’s streets, is arrested by the police and caught red handed. The defendant gets out of jail on bond and hires a top lawyer specializing in drug crimes. Rather than rushing through the case, the attorney interviews witnesses, evidence, and police reports and discovers that the police made a mistake. State of Texas

Having taken the time and employing expertise gained over years of litigating criminal cases, the attorney realizes he has the ball and runs with it. Through some miraculous twist of faith, the case is thrown out of court on a technicality. Or, maybe evidence was illegally collected and the attorney has uncovered evidence to support this.

A Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

Having an expert lawyer on your side puts you in a favored position when it comes to being a defendant facing trial in Texas. Evidence can be suppressed and juries can be manipulated. When you are working with an expert in the field, you never know what type of strategy might employed for your defense.

Situations That Get People Jailed

Everyone makes mistakes in life and sometimes that can amount to a criminal charge depending on the situation. Its important not to panic and to gather your bearings as soon as you can so you can begin to attack the situation. a Houston criminal defense attorney can keep out of Filthy Jails

Sometimes, people charged with felonies are guilty in no shape, form, or fashion, but was in the wrong place at the wrong time, or with the wrong person. Never take a criminal charge for another person under any circumstances fight the charges and “sang like a bird” because your freedom is priceless. Jail is no place for a man, or any human being for that matter.

The Jail Experience

One of the reasons that I say that “jail is no place for a human being” is because state correctional facilities are wrought with filth and the entire concept of jail is inhumane to begin with. Houston Federal Prison System

From violent crimes to inmate on inmate murder, being in jail is no place to be if your life is to have an effective meaning to your family and community. Any jail guard, criminal defense attorney, correctional officer, or convicted criminal behind bars will tell you the same thing if you ask them.

Finding a Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

Once you bond out of jail and make it home the last thing you may think about is hiring a Houston criminal justice lawyer. However, before you know it, attorney marketing mailers will end up in your mailbox offering their services for your defense. My recommendation be to look over the mailers and make a call or two to one of the attorneys who stands out. Then call a few of their competitors and see what they have to say about the situation.

Next, I would recommend looking for attorney reviews on the internet to see what people they have worked with on past cases have to say about their experience working with the attorney. Believe it or not, this can go a long way to lengthening your knowledge about who may be best to represent you on your case in the event you feel your case needs to go to trial. Its not hard to find out who the best lawyer may be to represent you on your particular case granted that some effort is invested in finding a good lawyer.

Why Its Best To Hire A Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

A Lawyer Who Provides Criminal Defense in Harris County, TX

Having a good criminal defense lawyer on your side if you are charged with a crime in Houston, Harris County, TX is a no-brainer. Lots of cases go to trial in Harris County, so having a criminal lawyer who can hang with the big dogs and kick ass at trial is one of those intangible imperatives that you gotta be on the lookout for if you are in trouble in the law and hoping to get a decent lawyer on your team.

Paying a Harris County Criminal Defense Lawyer

To have someone make the off the cuff suggestion to find the best Harris County, TX criminal defense attorney with experience is easy talk, but not easily done. If you’ve been arrested, posted a bail bond to get out of jail, and have had your vehicle freed from prison (the impound), then money would probably be in short supply for most folks, so hiring an elite criminal defense lawyer in Houston isn’t highly likely, or is it?Hrris County, TX criminal defense lawyer

You’d be amazed of the number of attorneys in Harris County who will help a crook out who is down on his luck. Almost no respectable attorney will accept a client who can not afford his fees, however, almost all attorneys will work out a payment plan so that most people can afford their legal representation.

Finding a Really Good Criminal Defense Lawyer

Most people have no idea who’s who in the legal community so setting out one day after being released from the Harris County Jail to find a good criminal defense lawyer can be akin to looking that old needle in the proverbial haystack.

If you are a criminal, then talk to your criminal friends, especially the ones you knew were guilty, that “got off”. Ask them who their lawyer was for their case, because you never know they may have an awesome criminal justice attorney and can probably refer you in high spirits.

Attorneys tend to take good care of referred clients in a fashion that would be predicated on not biting the feeding hand.

Be Honest With Criminal Defense Lawyer You Hire

Whatever you do, don’t lie to your attorney. If you know you are guilty inform your legal representation in private, as soon as possible. They may be able to get your case dismissed due to a technicality, or maybe the police made mistakes during the arrest.

If your Constitutional Rights were violated then you could get out of the hassle of facing a felony conviction scott-free.

Don’t waste time. If you’ve been arrested for a felony offense in Houston, Harris County, TX talk with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Video of The Robbery at a North Houston Denny’s

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office has just release footage of the surveillance video recorded during the robbery at Denny’s on Houston’s north side town off the 20000 block of the North Freeway.

Anyone with information about the identities of the robbers is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers of Houston by phone at 713-222-8477.