Prison Culture Goes Public

From saggy pants to tattoos, the prison culture’s impact on American lifestyle is apparent. Somehow, some way, going to jail, or coming home from jail, has become “cool”.

There’s no doubt that the popularization of prison culture is by design the same way the the fall of the American economy was. I am not sure if there is anyway that we can reverse the faltering of our society, but I sure hope there is.prison-culture

There are a few things we can do like prayer, and doing a better job to raise our kids, but when you turn on the TV and these prison inmates turned celebrity are flashed about as if they are desirable, it makes the prospect of a better future bleak.

It seems that prison culture has taken over the reigns of destroying the youth the same way that devil worshiping rock bands did in years past.


We all need to work together to ensure that young people aren’t trained to be new criminals, and to ensure that great values are instilled in our children.

Author: 281 Attorney